Preventative Steps Ted Emmerich Construction is Taking for the Coronavirus Outbreak

ted emmerich CONSTRUCTION

All of us at Ted Emmerich Construction understand the severity of the Coronavirus and we would like to take this opportunity to let you know what steps we have taken to limit/avoid any potential exposure to this virus:

  • All mechanics are being asked to wash their hands periodically throughout the day and to use hand sanitizer before arriving onsite or interacting with clients

  • Our mechanics have been advised to avoid direct contact with clients (so no handshaking please), and to keep a safe distance between them and our clients (6 foot rule)

  •  All mechanics are being screened on a daily basis for any signs of sickness that could be related to the Coronavirus, and if any symptoms are noted, we are requesting the mechanic(s) to self-quarantine themselves and seek medical attention immediately

We want our clients to know that their safety comes 1st and their daily lives and plans for home improvements should not have to be put on hold during this time. We will do everything we can to make our environment and yours safer from the Coronavirus outbreak.

All the best,

 Ted Emmerich